What kind of art

We’d prefer art as a PDF. If you send us a photograph (or JPEG). Be aware that most photographs off the internet don’t print well, especially when blown p to a larger size like 8.5″x11″. In general, if a photograph is under a megabyte in file size, it may not look good printed larger than 2″ square – it may look pixilated.

Art that goes all the way to the edge of the paper

If your printed piece has ink that goes right up to the edge of the paper, it’s called a “bleed”. Since printing presses can’t print to the edge of paper we have to print it larger than the final size then trim it down. The art needs to be 1/8″ larger on all edges. Therefore if a 4″x6″ postcard has a bleed, we need art that is 4.25″x 6.25″. Make sure that important information (like text and logos) are 3/16″ away from the trim line of the paper otherwise they may get cut off during trimming!

Union Label

At your request, we will add our Union Label to any printed piece – this small oval logo (referred to as “bug”) helps your customers recognize your support of Union-made products!

Dominic Scott