Preferred File Format

We request that all art is sent as PDFs and colors are set to CMYK. Unionist Printing’s digital pressed do not use spot colors. Spot colors, especially transparent screens of spot colors over photographs, are unpredictable. Please flatten all artwork and save it as CMYK to be safe.

Bleeds & Printer’s Marks

Set all bleeds to 1/8″ around all edges. Please don’t forget to export your artwork with bleeds in your software – it’s the most common cause for delays! We do not require color bars or slug marks. Crop/trim marks are only needed if you have a bleeds. Keep all text and critical content within 3/16″ from the trim line.

Printer Spreads & signatures

Designer-made signatures are not required for small quantity booklet jobs with a trim size of 8.5×11. Please just send the PDF booklet in normal page order and we’ll take it from there. For booklet jobs of any other size, customer-supplied signatures are not required but are appreciated. Keep in mind that you can save costs by bundling all your color page into the same signature.

Union label             location

If you would like to designate a place in your layout for our Union Label “bug” do so in a bright obvious color and mention this to us when sending the art. Otherwise, if you want a union label our artists will use their best judgement on placement of the bug, which is usually in the bottom corner or underneath a return address.

Polical Pieces: “paid for by” line

Please consult your political advisor to check if you are required to have “PAID FOR BY” line or box on any printed pieces.

Mailing: common postcard sizes

Postcards can be  4×6, 5×7, 8.5 x 5.5… all the way to 6×11 (finished size). 6×11 is the largest size to get a bulk barcoded letter permit rate for a mailer.

Mailing: Return     Address

All bulk mail must have a return address printed somewhere on the piece to be eligible for a barcoded bulk rate discount.

Mailing: blank        address area

Please leave a blank white area at least 4″ wide and at least 2″ tall in the bottom right corner of one side of a mailer for us to print customer addresses, permits, and relevant bar codes.

Mailing: extra copies

If you want additional unaddressed copies of your mailed print job, (to keep on hand or to hand out manually) please keep in mind that you’ll have to affix a first class stamp on the piece for it to mail.

Mailing: Fees

The postage fees are quoted separately from printing (and stuffing) fees. Please make out checks for any postage fee to POSTMASTER – we’ll get these to the Postmaster’s office when we deliver your mail to the USPS post office Bulk Mail

Mailing: Mailing Lists

Unionist Printing does not provide mailing lists for mail project. Please provide us with your mailing list as a .CSV file. If you are part of a political party or union, sometimes your party or union may be able to supply member lists to us for direct mail purposes. If the streets address is broken into multiple cells, consolidate the street address into a single cell (ie “1234 North Main Street” in one cell, not 4 cells).

The file name of the .CSV list should be the name of the customer AND the mailing date to prevent confusion with previous lists (ie, SMITH-MAY-22-LIST.CSV).

If you have multiple mailings going out at once, please label each .CSV accordingly (ie, SMITH-MAY-22-REP-LIST.CSV, SMITH-MAY-22-DEM-LIST.CSV, SMITH-MAY-22-IND-LIST.CSV for a 3-piece targeted direct mail job going to 3 different lists).

When processing mailing lists, our mail software may remove duplicate addresses and remove addresses for recipients who moved but send no forwarding address – please keep this in mind when submitting lists. Lists under 200 valid addresses (after de-duplication and filtering) are not eligible for bulk permit rates per USPS regulation and will have to be mailed at first class rates.

Mailing: Bonus item

Thanks for reading this far! Mention that you saw this on the website next time you visit us for a free Unionist Pizza Cutter!